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Reflections Program is a National PTA and Washington State PTA cultural arts competition, providing students with an opportunity to showcase their creative talents, in an expression of original art works.

Reflections encourages students to explore ideas, centered around our annual theme, in the following categories: visual arts, photography, dance choreography, film making, literature, and music composition.  

For further details, visit WA State PTA Reflections.  

2023-24 Reflections

Young artists get involved in Reflections through their local PTA or PTSA. A student may submit an entry in any of six arts areas. Only original works of art are accepted. Please follow the specific guidelines for each art area. The six artistic categories are:

    • Literature -- works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, prose, drama, short stories, and lyrics.
    • Music Composition -- original musical composition, with or without words.
    • Photography – original prints in color or black and white or color, including techniques: photogram, retouched, montage, sandwich and multiple exposure.
    • Visual Arts -- drawing, painting in tempera, oil, acrylic, watercolor & t-shirt paints, computer generated art, two-dimensional collage, printmaking, metal etching/punch work, needlework & leather tooling. 
    • Film/Video -- original works, with or without sound, of animation, narrative, documentary, experimental or music video/film.
    • Choreography/Dance -- originally choreographed dance composition

Rules and Guidelines  To ensure your entry can move on to the higher levels please submit artwork that adheres to the rules & guidelines.

Special Artists:  The Special Artist Division is a non-graded division limited to students whose physical, cognitive, or mental health challenges meet the guidelines set forth in the American Disabilities Act. Qualifying students entering this division create their own artwork but may receive non-artistic accommodation and assistance from an adult. At the national level, one Special Artist from across all arts categories will be selected to receive an Outstanding Interpretation Award. Up to five additional Special Artists may be selected to receive national Awards of Excellence. Find out more info here.

For more information or questions, contact IMPTSA Reflections